BBC’s Top Gear

Assaf’s music was recently featured in a promo for the new season of BBC’s Top Gear:

The Pulse Of Life

Assaf recently finished scoring the upcoming documentary The Pulse of Life.

The Pulse Of Life

Crescendo Effect, Inc.

Check out the new website for Assaf’s company, CRESCENDO EFFECT, INC. Offering music and audio services custom grown, freshly made.

Crescendo Effect, Inc. Logo

Tyler Perry – Promo 2015

Oculus VR – Rocket Toss

Oculus VR just released their new virtual reality based game ROCKET TOSS for their Oculus GearVR platform. The game is a modern retro sci-fi game with music by Assaf Rinde in collaboration with Will Loconto.

Rocket Toss

The New Studio

Come visit Assaf at his new state-of-the-art studio, completed in January 2014.

Assaf Rinde Studio

Something’s Gonna Live

A scene from Daniel Raim’s beautiful documentary Something’s Gonna Live.

Music by Assaf Rinde

Gimme Shelter

Gimme Shelter in Theaters January 24th.

Gimme Shelter

Additional Music by Assaf Rinde

Thief 4: The Queen of the Beggars Sees All – Trailer

Now You See Me – Trailer

Music by Assaf Rinde

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